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Our story really began in 2015, when TJ asked MK to be his girlfriend. We dated for 3 years before getting engaged, and during that time, we had the opportunity to travel with family and friends to many places.

We always loved traveling together and had dreams and plans for a lot of international travel towards the end of 2020 and into 2021. We knew that we wanted to travel to all 50 US states, but we imagined we'd do it after traveling more internationally. When Covid changed everyone's plans, we were no exception. 

As we started to lay out our ideas and plans for traveling our own country, we had two hurdles to jump over:

1. How would we save money so that we could travel often?

2. We wanted to have something to do in every state - what would that be?

We threw out all sorts of ideas to answer the questions above. We used to go on walks every evening, and Sunday afternoon drives, to brainstorm all of the possibilities. Then, in August of 2020, after a couple weeks of trying to figure out what exactly we wanted to do, one of us mentioned the idea of camping in all 50 states. We already had most of the gear, and we enjoyed camping, how had we not thought of this before now?!

As soon as it was mentioned, we knew this was it. Not only does camping save money, it's also a really neat thing to do in each state! So two weeks later, we took off to our first state - Tennessee!

Since September 2020, we have had more fun than we ever imagined as we have traveled the US getting to see the uniqueness of each state. We feel that we are working to show off all that makes America. We enjoy visiting touristy sites, but our favorite things are the local suggestions we get along the way. This country, and it's people, are so cool and we are grateful for the continued opportunity to see each little corner of this place we call home.

We hope you'll join us on YouTube as we journey across the United States and show you all that makes America!


-MK & TJ

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